Programming Font Based on Minecraft
Monocraft is a font for developers who like Minecraft a little too much. Featuring monospaced characters and tasteful ligatures, I've carefully designed each glyph in Monocraft to be usable in a dev environment while preserving that Minecraft charm. Try it out today and discover why nobody has ever done this before!

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Notice: This project is not affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang in any way and is exclusively a fan project. This font emulates the typeface of the font used in the Minecraft UI, but it does not include any assets or font files from the original game.

How to install

Check out the GitHub repo and follow the instructions in the README for installing the font onto your machine.


What ligatures are available?

So far, the following ligatures have been added to the font:

If there is another character combination that you feel could be a ligature, feel free to create an issue.

How were these characters generated?

Using FontForge, a fantastic and open source font designer.

Do you have a version with the original Minecraft font (not monospaced)?

I’ve got you covered, check out my rendition of the Minecraft typeface here.

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