Felix Apparatus - The Happiest Bot

Felix Apparatus (Latin for “Happy Machine”) is an open source bot made to spread happiness all over the internet! Why not try it out?

How it works

Running on a little Raspberry Pi in a dorm room, Felix Apparatus uses a Node.js server to constantly monitor for direct messages to its twitter account. Upon recieving a message containing a twitter handle, it picks from a list of compliments and tweets a kind, funny, or altogether interesting message to the given handle. Read below to see how you can use Felix Apparatus!

How to use - Sending anonymous compliments

To tweet an anonymous compliment at someone on Twitter, all you need to do is send a DM to @FelixApparatus containing the handle of the Twitter user to tweet at! For example:

Sending a compliment to @astro_pi_vis

Then just wait! In a few moments, an anonymous compliment will be sent to the user of your choice:

The best compliments are the most over the top

And that’s it! Now mind you, there is a usage limit: You may only send a few anonymous compliments per hour, and only a couple of those may be to the same user. This is to prevent Twitter from marking @FelixApparatus as a spam-bot.
So go out there and have fun sending compliments to the world!