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Progress Report: Terrain

Progress Report: 8/12/14
Today, I added the ability for the server to sync the terrain with the client, allowing for planet owners to have more control. I also added shadows to the terrain just to make it a bit more realistic. It surprisingly lacks the lag that I have come to expect from the shadow renderer, which I am happy about. Overall, a productive day, and I am hoping to add some basic client-side interpolation in the days to come. Hope you all enjoyed, and have a great day!

Vale mates,

Hover Vehicles

Progress Report: Hover Vehicles

Progress Report: 8/3/14
In the scene above, you can see a user who is driving a hover vehicle. I have implemented hover vehicles into ELECTRON by adding the PhysicsHoverControl that comes with the test projects and configuring the server to allow client input for controlling these vehicles. Controlling the hover vehicles can be compared to controlling the “Ghost” vehicles in the popular series, Halo. I have decided to add hover vehicles due to the numerous advantages they have over normal vehicles, namely the fact that they can drive over any terrain, and that they are just plain fun! I also fixed numerous problems with the chat window by completely replacing it with the default chat box included in the GUI library. My next goal will be to add a crafting mechanic into the universe, though the exact layout of how it will work is still up for debate. Hope you like it, and if you have any suggestions, please tell me in the comment section! Thanks for your time, and have a great day!

Peace out mates,

Inv Test

Screencap: Inventory

Here is a little cap of the full inventory. As you can see, the chat minimizes so as to not get in the way. The maximum amount of inventory slots can be changed, as I plan on having inventory be upgradable.


Progress Report: Hello World!

Progress Report: 7/30/14
[Warning: Ignore the horrific design present, I am mainly focusing on functionality at the moment]
In the scene above, you can see a sunset with a model of a tree, teapot, and user. The models are included for testing purposes, and all use models included in the jMonkeyEngine test assets pack. The screencap shows off the sun and time system, which uses the SkyControl plugin created by sgold.
The GUI:
The gui for the chat window is using the ever-popular tonegodGUI, and the chat will be updated to look like the inventory in due time. The inventory is fully functional and, as you can see in the first slot, contains a beam weapon. The design of the GUI will be inspired by the GUI used in the “Ender’s Game” movie in order to give a “futuristic” effect. At the moment though, I am focusing mainly on the code, with design coming later.
The Networking
Most of the basic networking of ELECTRON is complete, with the program containing most of the basic client-server functionality needed, including a syncing of spatials between server and client, server-side physics, syncing of user data, etc. Client-side interpolation has not been attempted yet, but will be added in due time. The model of “Oto” in the background is another connected user, with a name displayed above the model in order to distinguish between players (only for debugging, will be removed when I implement character creation).
As you can see, everything is very barebones at the moment. I am mainly focusing on coding, since model design can be done at anytime. So far, little lag has been detected, but I am sure more will come as I advance, making my need for client-side interpolation ever more necessary. All in all, I believe that I have done some pretty good work over the past few weeks, and hope to clean up the design in order to have something presentable by the Fall. Hope you enjoyed, and ask any questions you may have in the comments section below. Thanks for your time, and have a great day!

Godspeed mates,


Press Start to Play

The goal of the ELECTRON project is to craft a virtual universe where the user is truly unlimited. I have always believed that the point of a virtual universe is not to emulate our own, but to create an environment where the user can escape its boundaries all together. ELECTRON is the experience that you want it to be. If you wish, you can shop in the virtual markets, chat with friends, and explore the city. Or for those who prefer combat, you can fight players or vicious animals, raising up your combat experience, equipped with the sword, gun, or bow that you want. Or perhaps, you even want to explore space in your starship, flying to every user created planet in order to see the universe in it’s entirety. The point is, no two user’s experiences are ever going to be the same. Now of course, this is a pipe dream, and there is a good chance that I am going to fail. But even if there is the slimmest chance that I will succeed, then I am not going to quit until I do.

Adios mates,