About Felix Apparatus

Felix Apparatus (Latin for “Happy Machine”) is an open source bot made to spread happiness all over the internet! Why not try it out?


  • Tweet anonymous compliments at any Twitter user you choose!
  • Felix Daily (currently in beta): Sends motivational/funny/kind messages to your phone every day, and even a little weather forecast!

How to use:

Sending Anonymous Compliments Via Twitter:

To tweet an anonymous compliment at someone on Twitter, all you need to do is send a DM to @FelixApparatus containing the handle of the Twitter user to tweet at! For example:

Sending a compliment to @astro_pi_vis

Then just wait! In a few moments, an anonymous compliment will be sent to the user of your choice:

The best compliments are the most over the top

And that’s it! Now mind you, there is a usage limit: You may only send a few anonymous compliments per hour, and only a couple of those may be to the same user. This is to prevent Twitter from marking @FelixApparatus as a spam-bot.

So go out there and have fun sending compliments to the world!

Felix Daily:

Felix Daily (currently in beta) is a feature of Felix Apparatus that allows you to receive a motivational, nice, or interesting message every day directly to your phone! It even includes a little weather blurb so that you are always prepared for whatever the day shall bring. For example:

The message Felix sends is always random, so you never know what to expect

Note that Felix Daily is currently under development, and so may not work all the time. If you encounter any bugs, just contact me using the Contact Me page and tell me your problem so that I can work out any kinks in the code.

To sign up, all you need to do is text “felixapparatus@gmail.com” a message (it can be anything) and he will reply shortly to help you along the signup process. If you didn’t already know, you can actually text email addresses from your phone, and that is how Felix will communicate with you. All you have to do is add the email to the “to” section in your messages like so:

And then just send a message (like I said, it can be any message you like)!

From here, you will be guided through the signup process to register for Felix Daily! If at any point you want to stop receiving messages, you need only reply “STOP” or “SHUT UP” (case insensitive) and Felix will stop sending you messages.

Again, Felix Daily is in development mode, so if you encounter any bugs, please just send me a message through my contact form here!